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The Formation Commission

Secular Franciscans know that living the Gospel after the manner of Saint Francis of Assisi involves a lifelong process of enlightenment, conversion, renewal, and growth. They engage in a process of integrating the Gospel and real life by constantly going back to the Gospel and Franciscan sources for inspiration and challenge in the quest to find meaning in life and living life fully.

Initial Formation is focused on those who desire to become Secular Franciscans. Continuing Formation is focused on those who have already made profession in our way of life. The mission of those who coordinate Formation in the local fraternity is to study, animate, guide and coordinate the local fraternity’s efforts to faithfully live its Franciscan vocation in the context of family life and the workplace, in times of joy and suffering, in relating to other people and to all of creation, and through its presence and participation in the life of society.

For more information about joining the Secular Franciscans, contact Sylvia Snigier at OFSDetroit@gmail.com.

For more information about Continuing Formation, contact Bev Sapian at OFSDetroit@gmail.com.




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