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The Peace & Justice Commission

Secular Franciscans are called to be peacemakers, bridge-builders and path-finders. They actively promote the dignity of all life, conflict resolution, reconciliation between factions, and restorative justice. The renunciation of the use of violence, characteristic of the followers of Francis, does not mean the renunciation of action. Secular Franciscans are at the forefront of promoting peace and right relationships between people.

The mission of the Peace and Justice Commission is to study, animate, guide and coordinate the local fraternity’s efforts to build communion between people. Its efforts focus on three areas: 1) direct assistance to victims of war and injustice, discrimination and oppression, 2) advocacy and collaboration with initiatives that promote peace, justice and human rights, without becoming involved in partisan politics, and 3) raising the consciousness of the local fraternity with regard to peace and justice issues and the social teachings of the Church.

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